Loss of Teeth is a very painful process, both physically and mentally. It robs off our comfort to talk, chew and our confidence to smile. The thought of losing one is itself unpleasant, so not much needs to be said about losing multiple. With the current advance in technology in the field of dentistry, these issues can be easily remedied. Teeth implants or more precisely multi-tooth implants offer great relief to a lot of people.


Benefits of Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants have the advantage of a look and feel as that of natural teeth. They resemble natural teeth in terms of function also. These tooth implants do not need the support of adjacent natural teeth. The bridges used in multiple implants can be placed in jaw independently. The implants replace a set of tooth roots effectively preventing resorb in bones. They are integrated into the jawbone, preserving its health.

Multiple Tooth Implants assure comfort, beauty and utility in the long run. Unlike fixed or traditional implants that grow unattractive when the gums or bones recede, these offer a permanent aesthetic remedy. The placement of these implants and the treatments are slightly time-consuming, as some time is given for bone-implant bonding. The time required, number of sittings and cost are dependent on the need and extent of the patient’s issue.

Tooth implantation needs a treatment regimen consisting of an initial diagnosis to ascertain the intensity of the issue and the number of implants needed. This is followed by a discussion to plan the treatment and then the implants are placed by a surgical process. A trial using wax teeth is done to ensure perfection. The treatment ends with teeth fixing counselling

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