Full arc or full mouth implants is a procedure in which a dental implant is permanently fixed over four dental regions. This procedure is done to replace all the teeth on the upper or lower jaw of the mouth.

What are the advantages of full arc implants?

The benefits of full arc implants procedure are as follows:
* A comfortable mouth feel
* Improve appearance
* Dental implants stimulate the bone and gums, which prevents deterioration
* A dental implant doesn’t decay and last a longtime

Which are the different treatment options available for full mouth dental implants?

Conventional removable dentures : Removable dentures are the easiest and most economical way of replacing full arch teeth. They are individually customized for each patient to provide the best results. Removable dentures provide a good lip support and are easy to remove and clean.
Implant retained dentures : Conventional complete dentures are steadied and retained with the help of implant retained studs. A press styled attachment called locator abutment is placed on the dental implant. A minimum of four implants are required on the on the lower jaw and another four on the upper jaw. The dentures are pressed into place and clicked.
Removable bridge works : These are a comparatively secure option especially when it involves restoration of the upper jaw without covering the palate. The implant is retained on a removable bridge. The upper jaw and lower jaw require four dental implants on top of which a bar is fitted allowing the denture to be secured with the help of clips
Fixed bridges : Teeth are constructed on top of 4 to 8 dental implants that are fitted and not removed from their places. Teeth are natural looking and the restorations are extremely easy to clean.

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